Korean Culture in the LES

It began with my first MeetUp: end of July I started learning Korean, met a Korean girl via my Conversation Exchange Website but as a very beginner, I felt the need to take more, so I joined this Korean MeetUp. It took place in a newly opened café, old style korean dah-bahn (a café) Round K. The owner gave a Dinner Party to make us discover Korean Food. I never liked the boring Korean restaurant food in France: Barbecue and bad kimchi. And here, I could see that Korean food is more than that.

The MeetUp stopped, but I kept on going to this café. During weekdays, there is a $7 menu based on whatever the owner has in stock and during weekends, he offers a brunch and dinner for $15 with beverage. I tried the dinner, and now it is our new week-end habit.

The coffee served here is excellent, selected and roasted meticulously by the owner, the cold brew black tea is very tasty and herbal teas are original and so palatable (soju, artichoke, spices…), served in so delicate china.



The decoration is tasteful, and even the bathroom is beautiful. Korean artists have their place in the café so you can admire paintings.



I find those brass and glass lamps very beautiful and give the place a very warm and special atmosphere, like we are at home.



The place is small, but warm with the brick wall, the vinyl turn-table, wooden floor and beams. I feel I have my foretaste of Korea here (before I can actually go there, that’s in my plans).


So rendez-vous at Round K, 99 Allen Street, LES, if you want to discover a different side of Korean Culture.




5 thoughts on “Korean Culture in the LES

  1. Très sympa, comme toutes les adresses que tu partages. C’est génial comme projet: apprendre le coréen. Comme quoi une expatriation ouvre tellement de portes différentes. D’où vient donc ton intérêt par la Corée? Ce n’est pas anodin comme choix.

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