Shall we “Infinity Dreams Award” Play?

Blogging is not new to me, but since I began this new blog last year, I realized this can be a real human adventure, sharing tips and pics. Even if the pleasure of writing and then publishing is quite personal and selfish, there might be other bloggers, like me and with whom I can get along. Sonia and I never met, though we used to live in the same city for a while but it seems we share the same interests in many things. I always enjoy reading her well written articles, and her pictures make me travel by proxy.

I feel sometimes, publishing an article can be like a letter you send to an unknown recipient, hoping someone will like and relate to what you wrote and maybe react to it. We lost the pleasure to write actual letters to our friends, so, through this blog, I feel I gained some few pen-friends like Sonia. So, thank you Sonia for this kind nomination.

I am not fond of those nominating games, but I felt this one is harmless and could make bloggers discover new bloggers. You will notice that I did not exactly follow the rules because I “awarded” 6 blogs instead of the 11 required. Those 6 are people I personally know or with whom I had some exchanges. I am not sure this game would be their cup of tea. Anyway, may they like it or not, it is still a nice way to share the good words!

The rules:infinitydreamsawardpic

  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

11 fun (or not) facts about myself

  1. I am not a travelling / tourist girl
  2. But I love living and working in many places: I have lived in 4 countries, about 9 cities and moved apartments 13 times, for now…
  3. I am struggling learning Japanese since 2012
  4. And still, I began learning Korean last July…
  5. Sometimes, I am a songwriter
  6. I graduated from a Business School but ended up working in IT
  7. So now, I am trying to make a career shift in, humm, well, wait for it… whatever that is not IT consulting
  8. I guess I am having a 32 year old life crisis (hence the new career and all the questions that come with the territory)
  9. I would love to adopt a dog
  10. Therefore, to reach my #9 fact, I would love to live in the countryside and own a small cottage in Brittany by the sea
  11. But before that, I think I will have to take my driving test

Sonia’s Questions, answered

1. How do you start your Sunday mornings?

As I always say, Sunday, it’s rest day, so “Gromanche, je fais rien, comme un gros manche”. I wake up when I wake up and then have a cup of tea to kick start this lazy day.

2. What’s your favorite reading(s) of the last 6 months?

I exclusively read San Antonio those days on my Kobo, but I devoured “War and Peace” by Tolstoi before arriving in NYC and now am reading for the third time “Au bonheur des dames” by Zola.

3. What’s the kind of attitude you hate the most when travelling in public transportation?

With almost 9 years of rush hours commuting in Paris Subway, I hate those who does not let me out of the train

4. Who changes the toilet paper roll at home?

It’s me, I am a maniac. I have never run out of TP, since I stock up… like a maniac.

5. How many (real) good friends do you have around? (be honest!)

I have two childhood friends, including one that I consider to be my sister, and 4 friends I met when I was a student.

6. Your best treat ever?

I was kind of good at blanquette de dinde (Turkey blanquette).

7. What’s your favorite quotation(s) ?

Tough one, I have so many, but let’s pick this funny but yet accurate one:

If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?

(Tuco in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”)

8. If you could relocate right now, which would be the city or country of your choice?

Japan of course. There are so many reasons why I would love to live there, and also no reason at all.

9. “I quit my job” or “I fired my boss”… Which personality are you?

I quit my jobs. And actually, that is what I often did for the last 7 years, 4 times…

10. What could make you want to stop blogging?

I love writing, I write since I am 10: songs, poems, and began blogging in 2005 with a gloomy diary-like blog. I erased 9 years of articles and began this new one. So, maybe I will stop this blog one day, and create a new one. C’est la vie, an endless beginning! But, to answer the question, nothing could make me stop. I do not always have something interesting to say, but I always have the need to write.

And the awarded blogs I enjoy reading are:

Here’s a bunch of questions for you, if you dare answering those:

  1. Which song can make you cry / goosebumps?
  2. Why do you write?
  3. Where do you write your blog’s articles?
  4. Which book did you (and will you) read many times?
  5. Where would you like to spend your old retirement years?
  6. If you had the chance to choose, where would you live now?
  7. What is the goal, the project of your life?

3 thoughts on “Shall we “Infinity Dreams Award” Play?

  1. Trop sympa de te voir jouer le jeux finalement (un aveu: moi non plus, je n’aime pas les chaînes mais quelque fois il faut savoir faire des exceptions 😉
    C’est vrai qu’on a pas mal de choses en commun finalement. Moi aussi j’ai tenté mon coup avec le japonais il y a deux ans à Paris via une assos de bénévoles et c’était super. Pas l’occasion de poursuivre depuis à cause de mes horaires de boulot.J’ai vraiment regretté car j’ai une très bonne amie à Tokyo et je fantaseme avec le Japon depuis des années. En revanche, pour le PQ on ne se ressemble pas du tout, moi j’en ai toujours besoin quand il n’y en a plus!
    J’ai eu plaisir à lire ton billet, et j’espère continuer à échanger sur le blog. Sur ce coup là, internet c’est super.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooooh je suis flattée d’être dans la liste de tes lectures East Side Pigeon! J’aime beaucoup le principe de cette “chaîne”, moi qui y suis plutôt allergique en temps normal… Je m’en vais rédiger ma réponse de ce pas ; )

    Liked by 1 person

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